RONIN R-580 Smooth Wear Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

Ronin’s R-580 Is The Innovative Wireless Bluetooth Earphone To Provide You An Unmatchable Sound Experience And Its Smooth Easy To Wear Design Make Your Perfect Sound Experience Comfortable Easy As Well.

Ronin’s R-580 Bluetooth Earphone Gives The Autophiles The HD Clear Original Sound Paired With Its Fast-Connecting Ability A Heavenly Experience. The Long-Lasting Battery Capacity Make It The Efficient And Effective Device For Its Owners.
Product Code: R-580
Brand: RONIN
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Easy to wear Ronin R-580 wireless mono earphone with its griping design is easy to wear and gentle in feel.

High-capacity battery:
 R-580 have high-capacity battery enabling you to have a long-lasting talk time good enough to cover the office timings without any hindrance.

Fast pairing:
 The Ronin’s R-580 is an efficient Bluetooth wireless mono earphone with its ability to pair up quickly to the desired device.

HD stereo: 
The R-580 high-definition sound makes the audio experience feel like original sound. The sound quality and clearance that R-580 provides is non-comparable and unmatchable to others in the market.

Specifications of RONIN R-580 Smooth Wear Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

Connectivity Type Bluetooth V4.1
Color Black
Charging Time About 2 Hours
Usage Time 80 mAh Battery (Upto 6 hours continous Talk time)